Training programs and workshops

We deliver focussed, practically applicable training programs and workshops customized for your business. Our programs are aligned with current and future development needs of the organization and its people. That is why we believe it is crucial to have a clear view on your specific issues and challenges and context of the organization.

Supportive to development program

We often use our training programs and workshops combined with or in support to development or change programs. Group size can vary from 8 – 15 participants to larger groups, e.g. Large Scale Interventions (LSI).

In-company and open training

We also offer in company or open training programs. Standard group size is usually between 8 – 15 participants. But in specific cases, also larger groups are possible.

Optimal Service

Wij doen ons uiterste best u trainingen aan te bieden die duidelijke waarde toevoegen voor de organisatie en haar mensen. Indien gewenst werken wij samen met professionele partners om u de optimale dienstverlening aan te kunnen bieden.

We do our utmost to offer you training programs that add significant value to the organization and its people. If needed, we work together with professional partners.

Our training programs and workshops

  • Measurement and change of organizational culture

  • Change effectively

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Resource Planning

  • Performance and reward

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