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Organizational Developer

Gijs Graafmans is the owner of Triade Consult, an independent consultancy firm founded in 2001. In addition to organisational development and leading change, he has a track record as (interim) HR Executive at major international organizations.

The first phase of my career

After completing my study Organizational Psychology at the University of Tilburg, I started my career at major international companies such as Philips and Aon. By fulfilling various roles in the Human Resources field, I have experienced the diversity of working in and for large organizations.

My fascination as organizational developer

In this first part of my career is got strongly interested in strategy, organizational development and change management.

Why is it so difficult for organizations to actually change in a sustainable and successful way? Why does an organization make so little effective use of the available but untapped potential? Why is there such a strong focus on the short term? How to affect this?

This fascination resulted in starting with a 2-year Master’s Programme Management Consultancy at the Sioo in Utrecht, Netherlands in 2000. Here I learned to think and act based on the needs and core process of the organization, using diversity as a source of inspiration and innovation. Finally, the skill to lead in change processes.

The step to a standalone consultancy practice

During my management consultancy training program, I decided to make the step towards an independent consultant and in 2001 I founded Triade Consult. This gave me the freedom to work for various well-known organizations and on challenging themes. Here I gained professional experience in organizational development, cultural change, coaching management teams, leadership development, integrated talent management, strategic resource planning and providing training programs and workshops.

My passion is to unleash organizational potential.

The majority of employees work under his/her capabilities. This is lost potential that an organization in these turbulent times actually can not afford not to use!

My expertise increasingly shifted as from 2001 in the direction of organizational development as a contribution to the successful development of people and organisations. My passion is to align individual employees and (management) teams with the strategy and objectives of the organization.

Based on research and personal experience, I am convinced that to be able to be (long-term) successful as an organization is essentially determined by a consistent and focused but also flexible approach.

I have developed the Triade Dynamics model (TriDyn model) to support organizations in a structured manner in the development and change towards an effective and successful organization.

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